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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More on geomagnetism and the paranormal

I ought to clarify a few things about the geomagnetic - paranormal connection (about which I remain sceptical!).

A geomagnetic storm produces a DROP in the geomagnetic field. A drop of 0.5% in the overall geomagnetic field would be considered an EXTREME magnetic storm, occuring perhaps once a year. Typically there would 10 lesser storms per year which would see a drop of only around 0.1% in the overall field. It seems highly unlikely that humans would sense such a tiny change.

By contrast, field variations in the ambient magnetic field caused by human activity have been measured at higher than solar storms! This human activity is, of course, the widespread use of electrical appliances. Indeed the variations in magnetic field walking through a typical house would typically be higher than those found in a solar storm.

There IS a connection between geomagnetic storms and weather. This is more likely to have a noticeable effect on people than tiny geomagnetic variations that are, in most cases, completely drowned out by local magnetic noise.

If there is a case for a geomagnetic link to paranormal phenomena, I think it has not been put convincingly yet.


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