Paranormal Phenomena: Are you open minded?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Are you open minded?

Is anyone really open minded about the paranormal? I really doubt it! Many people claim they have an open mind but I suspect they claim this just to be sociable. In reality, I suspect everyone has an opinion, whether informed or not, it's just that some choose to keep it quiet.

People who claim an open mind say they would be persuaded by new evidence. But how many people are really persuaded by new evidence? If it goes against their unspoken beliefs, I think they will challenge the evidence (and why not?). If it supports their unspoken beliefs I think they will feel quiet satisfaction. To be truly open-minded I think you would have to know nothing about the subject (which I don't believe anyone can realistically claim with regards to the paranormal). As soon as you start to look at the evidence, I'm pretty sure you start to make judgements, albeit privately.

Are YOU really open minded about the paranormal? Really?


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