Paranormal Phenomena: Are 'orbs' hiding a real phenomenon?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Are 'orbs' hiding a real phenomenon?

There is little doubt that the vast majority of 'orbs' are photographic artefacts caused by the move to digital cameras (requiring lenses with a vastly increased depth of field). The orbs are out of focus bits of dust that were invisible in film cameras.

Before the advent of orbs there were always reports of light anomalies, both in interior hauntings and in various locations outdoors - sometimes associated with UFOs. The major difference between these lights and orbs is that these lights were SEEN by witnesses. It was extremely rare to get a photograph of one but it did happen sometimes. Whether some, or all, of these lights have a mundane explanation, is yet to be determined. The big point is, with so many people getting excited about spurious 'orbs', these light phenomena are being overlooked or even dismissed as mere 'orbs'.

It would be fascinating to know what these light phenomena really are. Some might be fireflies or even reflections but it is unlikely this accounts for all of them. The trouble is, we may never know.


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